Public Service Project

Live painting for a local borito shop

May 6, 2023


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In my Professional Arts Practices class, I was tasked to do something community art related. My first idea was to host my art show with local high school students skills. I quickly realized that we were already putting on an art student show at the end of the year at the college. I realized it would be much worse to do the same thing twice with twice the amount of stress. So I when back and decided to do some live painting.

My project was about promoting art to people who don’t get to experience it. Living in such a rural area, I Grew up never seeing local galleries, art, or murals because we didn’t have any. I planned to expose more people to art, specifically people like me.

I decided to go to a local burrito shop. This burrito shop is a corner store serving burritos, Mexican drinks, snacks, and ice cream. Considering most of my work centers around the Mexican-American experience, the Porito shop would be a great place to try this out. I painted for a few hours while guests watched me paint and talked to me. I even had some origami paper and instructions for any kids interested.

alt I printed out some of these origami instructions for anyone interested, and I had a slide show running on my iPad showcasing many of my works along with this piece Bloom, which shows some great origami figures.

The thing I needed to prepare for was explaining my process in Spanish. I’ve never considered it, but defining a doodle grid is challenging. Sometimes it takes effort to explain what a doodle grid is in English. But most of the terminology I know in English is so different in Spanish that I struggled to find the right words.

Next time I need to practice how I would say it in Spanish.

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