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Luis Enrique Veleta (Henry) currently goes to Garden City Community College. His practice ranges from oil painting to design. From a young age, he has always loved making things, from drawing in English to origami in math class. Oil painting became his most refined medium, using it to its total capacity to create. Growing up in Kansas as a 1st generation Latino, He explores themes of feeling stuck between two different cultures.

"Being physically so far from any family and living In rural America complement each other in the form of isolation. The unique experiences of two cultures smashing together to create a new culture intrigue me to explore."

In retrospect, to communicate with the viewer through imagery to connect with others with similar experiences. He Utilizes color to convey feelings and emotions.

"Color is my favorite to experiment with color to create vibrant works to exaggerate and celebrate life's energetic, colorful, beautiful side. To use it purposefully, reconnect with my culture, rejecting the drab greys of modern society."